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humiliation pov
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key holder
Category: Chastity
humiliation pov movie

I am your key holder. I choose when your dick comes out. Could be a month. A year. If you piss me off it might even be years.

You will feel the pain every time your cock swells and it will hurt. See how you get hard when I tease you with my tits and ass? I know what I'm doing to you. I want your cock to ache for release but the answer is NO I won't let you out.

I am going to fuck real men right in front of you and your dick will want out so bad but no. That's not happening. If you don't treat me the way I want to be treated your life will be a living hell. tease you taunt you.

you are absolutely 100% owned.

brat princess chastity
Category: Chastity
humiliation pov movie

Hello you pathetic fucking loser! I am going to lock your cock down. Your cock belongs to me! It's all mine and you are not even allowed to touch it or play with it unless I return your key. This one is yours! This will unlock your cock... maybe... just maybe if you pay a penalty I might let you have a little pleasure. I might let you touch it or get hard, if you can, loser!

I might just MIGHT if you pay a huge jack off tax, even let you cum! But until then your cock is under my lock and key. It's all mine! You cannot even touch your dick! I'm going to sit here and tease you and torture you with my hot sexy body and lingerie, and my sexy soft legs and pretty feet! It will hurt you when I tease so hard making you think about my wet juicy pussy.

Does your little dick hurt in it's cage? Well it's mine and I love it! You can play with yourself if you send me lots of pretty things! I might send you your key and let you unlock your cock little fucker!

Morning Wood Chastity Tease
Category: Chastity
humiliation pov movie

I wake up in the morning and stretch my arms only to see that you, my chastity slave, have a morning wood boner that makes the chastity belt fit very snug! I tease your morning wood boner with my ass. I get on all fours doggie style and spread my ass right in your face so you have no choice but to let your boner grow painfully.

I play with your caged cock in the chastity belt and rub my tits on your cock. I know how badly you want to cum and I remind you that I can let you out whenever I want. It could be months, a year or MORE! I know you can handle it.

Touch my ass! Reach out and touch it. I know that makes you horny but you can't have it. You're not getting any of this ass chastity slave! When will I let you out of your chastity belt? Maybe NEVER!

Chastity Torture part 3
Category: Chastity
humiliation pov movieI have locked you in a chastity cage loser boy! Now I control that tiny dick of yours. It has no purpose anyways! You have to do what I tell you if you ever want to cum again.

Hey you! Yes you the one reading this. I know you want me to lock your cock up. Join the Humiliation POV forum to talk about sending a Goddess the key! Since you're such a wimp you have to pay the chastity fee for us to even consider owning your dick!

Chastity torture will make you so weak for us you won't be able to resist anything we tell you to do!

CB2000 Chastity Belt Prep
Category: Chastity
humiliation pov movie

I have a surprise for you, little slut! More like a present. I know a dick brain like you can't stop jerking your tiny little cock and so I'm going to have to do something about that. See this? Oh yes. That's right. I'm going to cage up your cock and you will have to beg me to let it out! Watch me lube up your cock and balls to make it easier for the chastity belt to slide on!

Chastity Torture 2
Category: Chastity
humiliation pov movieSee this key around my neck wimp? It means I own your pathetic worthless tiny cock! Now watch me as I tease you by getting dressed and undressed. I know you're thinking about sniffing my panties but you are not allowed! And besides it will make your dick hurt when you get a boner while locked away in that chastity belt!

So take a look at these hot breasts in my black bra. They are almost falling out! Keep that tongue in your sissy mouth loser!

Hey you! Yes you reading this. I know you want me to lock your dick up. Join the Humiliation POV forum to talk about sending ME the key! Since you're such a wimp you have to pay the chastity fee! You don't expect a Goddess like me to take control of your cock for free now do you?

We know you're jerking off, loser!
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