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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
Hey losers, Iím Sasha Foxx. Maybe youíve seen me sucking big cocks on the internet. Big cocks. I donít suck tiny dick loser dick, not even for money. I cuckold little dick losers. I love destroying your fragile egos. Small penis humiliation is one of my favorites. Itís soooo funny how small some of you are. Well itís more pathetic than funny.

Foot worship is another fetish I love! I love having a guy down on his hands and knees licking my feet while I verbally destroy him. Verbal humiliation is really fun for me. Sometimes Iím bratty and sometimes Iím a real bitch!

I also love watching you losers eat your own cum. Itís so gross but it makes me laugh. I mean I love eating cum, but what you do takes it to a whole new level. But I know for most of you, eating your own cum is just practice until you get up the nerve to eat another manís cum. LOL!

Iím a brat, a cock tease, a princess and a goddess all wrapped up in one. Iím a sub to real men and a domme to insignificant losers like you! Now fuck off and go watch my videos! JOIN NOW!!!

Sasha Foxx

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