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I am the Brat Princess, Sarah DiAvola. My name literally means "Devil Princess."

I am a heady aromatic mix of sensuality and sadism. I insert My needles into your veins and before you know I've begun the poison, you feel the dizziness take over and fall into complete adoration.

Everyone falls in love with Me, both pathetic losers and manly Men alike. I exude power and confidence wherever I go, however I'm dressed. It seeps from My pores like fiery pheromones and clouds your mind.

If you masturbate too much, you'll go blind. That's My plan. I want you blind to all others, and deaf to the screaming protests in your brain when your dick takes over. When I control your dick, I control your human brain.

Favorite fetishes: foot & shoe, ballbusting, corporal punishment/sensation play, humiliation, human furniture, face sitting, trampling, spitting, slapping, money-grabbing, evil seduction/manipulation, strapon, and most anything that benefits ME and FUCKS you.

I will NEVER kiss you, NEVER love you, NEVER care about you, and ALWAYS want to take take take from you. Don't fucking forget it. JOIN NOW!!!

Sarah Diavola

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