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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
I'm a gorgeous brat who truly enjoys humiliating losers. This isn't some game or act for me, I've been making fun of pathetic boys my whole life.

It just comes naturally to me. I was always the pretty popular girl and I never had to be nice to get what I wanted.

All the popular boys wanted to date me, and all the nerdy losers like you, would do anything I desired.

I have no time or patience for boys with low self esteem. You are all simply pawns for me to use and spit out.

I love how easily I can manipulate you and turn you into my human puppets.

My favorite fetishes are small penis humiliation, foot worship, and cum eating instruction because I just love making you idiots eat your own cum.

I can't believe you actually do it! I also really enjoy chastity because your disgusting little cocks don't deserve to be touched by anyone!

The only thing you losers deserve is denial.

I'm going to fuck with your hearts and your minds. Come get addicted to me, loser! JOIN NOW!!!

Princess Nikki

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