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I am the ultimate puppet master. Your complete fantasy and your final destruction. Stand proud to be considered one of the subservient many frequenting my domain. And for those who don't, now is your chance to belong to something greater. I am not here for you, nor am I here to attend to your needs, your wants, or your desires. Instead I am here for my own gain.

The fetishes that arouse you, are also interests of mine. Therefore I have learned to profit from your weaknesses. You are, after all, the weaker sex.

That thing that you hold so near and dear to your heart is also my stronghold over you. Your penis is my tool, my toy, and I have learned to manipulate and control you with it. I work my way deeper into your brain by working my way deeper throughout your entire system. I have discovered your downfall.

Humiliating you turns me on. Easily turning you into a victim of my game. Proof that the power is at my fingertips without barely lifting a finger. Teasing you with my words and my body. Using all I have against you. Watching you suffer and beg for more is my little game.

Teasing you into submission is hot. Torturing you, watching you writhe in agony as I work my magic over you. It gives me such pleasure manipulating you. Without any encouragement you beg for more. You need me in your life. You crave my addiction. I am your vice. Your drug of choice. And all the while I reap the benefits of your stupor. JOIN NOW!!!

Princess Meggerz

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