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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
Heartless sadist, ethical egoist, ruthless opportunist. More than just a beautiful China Doll, I believe in harnessing My exquisite feminine power to take full advantage of weak-minded men. I am here to DOMINATE, not just financially but physically, and above all else, psychologically. I turn heads and blow minds.

I learned at an early age that the majority of boys are easily [and happily] manipulated, that My superior beauty and charm can turn ordinary boys into My personal toys to play with as I please. You are nothing but a puppet to jerk around at My will, for My amusement. You too will fall under the spell of My beautiful, bratty Bitchcraft.

Get to know Me and I will show you a new side of financial domination. I'll bring out your demons -- all those fantasies and pathetic wet dreams you were too terrified and embarrassed to admit to anyone else -- and tame them for My own benefit. Leave your dignity and self-respect at My perfectly polished feet and approach Me with an open heart, open mind, and open wallet. JOIN NOW!!!

Princess Mabel

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