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I am Princess Lacey. I am one cunning little bitch. Im devious and conniving. My brain is constantly brewing with different ways to torture you, blackmail you, tease you and fuck you over. I live for it. Destroying you turns me on as much as being destroyed turns you on. I am a verbal humiliatrix, my tongue is my weapon. And I will unleash it upon your soul until you know who you serve. I am perfectly bratty, sexy, sadistic and manipulative.

So get down on your knees boys and open your wallets up wide. Beg me to take it all, beg me to destroy you. Beg me to turn you into my little sissy bitch. I already know you want it, now all you have to do is beg. Feed your sick addictions, you know you cant stop. These twisted fantasies you have will never go away. So you might as well embrace them as you confess your darkest secrets to me.

As youll notice in my videos, Im quite the chameleon. I love changing up my hair color and style. I love teasing you in sexy outfits that you paid for, outfits that Ill fuck other men in. Did that turn you on hearing those words? Hmmm? You fucking pathetic freak! Youll never fuck me. In fact, after Im done with you, youll never fuck another woman again. Youll never want to. The orgasms youll have when youre under my spell are far too intense for you to ever return to vanilla sex.

I specialize in foot worship, ass worship, sissifcation, tease and denial, cum eating instructions, masturbation humiliation and so much more! JOIN NOW!!!

Princess Lacey

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