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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
I'm an...
Elite mind fucktress extraordinaire, Manipulatrix, Puppet Mistress, Money Spinner, Humiliatrix, Laughaholic, Fetish Tease, Serial Money Grabber, Heartbreaker

I am a skilled humiliatrix and take great pride in moulding the perfect financial slaves.

My aim is to have a fine stable of slaves who will serve My every whim and desire.

I will intoxicate your world until eventually nothing else will matter apart from pleasing Me and making My life more enjoyable... I will laugh at your vulnerability, taking every part of you and making you My perfect little slave.

I am your sweetest dreams and your worse nightmares mixed into one... I will manipulate your feeble little mind into thinking you HAVE to give to Me. I'm very Greedy and believe that everything you earn belongs to Me... I take take take and spend spend spend, the cash never stops rolling and I never tire from taking! I've been online since 2007 taking what I deserve from minions and making what was once theirs... MINE! JOIN NOW!!!

Goddess Penelope

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