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Im Princess Nikki Next. Im the youngest, cutest, sexiest brat youll ever meet! Im only 19 and already I know how to manipulate losers like you. I may seem sweet, with my angelic looking face but thats just to lure you in. Im really quite devious. One of my favorite things to do is to cuckold you old losers. I have a hot, young boyfriend, Im repulsed by you losers, but my boyfriend and I benefit so much from you. I just cant believe how many of you want to be cucked by me. Im so young and hot, youll never have me, yet you want me to lock up your cocks, while you pay for my boyfriend and I to live a life of luxury. I especially love making old cucks buy him things. Its so funny and so degrading.

Foot and sock worship is another one of my favorite fetishes. I just love it when you stupid losers beg to pay me just to sniff my socks. Its fucking hilarious and pathetic. I just sit there texting my boyfriend while you losers line up at my door to hand me cash just to lick the soles of my feet. And the more I laugh at you idiots, the more you like it. Its so fun for me.

So go on losers, jerk it to all of my videos. Once you watch one, youll need to hear my sweet voice again and again. Ill have you wrapped around my finger in no time. Soon you too will be begging to be my cuck. I know its only a matter of time. Youre all just wallets for me to drain. Join now and hear my addictive bratty giggle! JOIN NOW!!!

Nikki Next

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