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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
Goddess gets what Goddess wants, right loser? Of course I’m right, I always am. You will never be able to say no to me. I’m that bratty girl next door who will have you wrapped around my little finger. My flawless body will have you on your knees, drooling, begging to be mine. I’m seductive and addicting, I will leave you begging for more. More of my humiliation, more of my attention, while I take more and more of your cash, pig.

My sweet, contagious smile will draw you in. I look and seem so innocent. That’s how I get you suckers to fall for me. You don’t even realize what I’m doing to you. I’m quite devious. I will mindfuck you and bash your ego until you’re a whimpering puddle before me, wondering how you even got there.

I love your money, being a financial dominatrix comes so easily to me. I’ve been fucking older guys out of their cash for years. Even before I truly realized this was a fetish, I’ve had old fucks taking me on shopping trips, buying me whatever I want, just for a tease. Men are so weak, it’s pathetic really. But I’ll take your money as long as you beg me to.

I love laughing at your misery, at this predicament you’ve gotten yourself into. You’re a chronic masturbator who can’t control himself. You need a woman like me to put you in your place, to control you and to think for you. You’re too much of a fuck up to do it on your own. Think you can handle me? Come find out. JOIN NOW!!!

Miss H

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