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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
I am the perfect Asian Princess. Every inch of my body is sheer perfection. Just look at me loser. I have perfect tits, the most perfect ass youve ever seen, you are putty in my hands. You are weak. I am sensually dominant. My voice and my flawless body will have you so addicted. Youre fucked already and you dont even know it loser. I am the most perfect Princess you have ever laid eyes on. I know it. I know how weak and pathetic you are. I know all about men like you. I feast on men like you daily. Even real men grovel at my feet, desperate for my attention. Its pathetic.

I am the cash princess of your dreams. You will beg to pay me. You will beg me to take it all. You wont be able to stop yourself. Stare, drool and get lost in my beauty.

I am a manipulatrix, a mindfucktress, a true living Goddess. I live this lifestyle daily. I have many slaves who cater to my every whim. I want for nothing. You mean nothing to me. You are a slave, you are replaceable.

Now bow down, kiss my feet, and beg for my attention. Beg with your wallet in your mouth. We both know I deserve it all. If youre lucky, I might spit on you. LOL! You fucking idiots are all nameless, faceless walking wallets to a Princess like me. Give in. JOIN NOW!!!

Miss Cherry Vee

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