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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
I am Miss Macey Jade. I mold men into weak play puppets. It’s fun! Mind games are my favorite. I’m a mindfucktress extraordinaire. I play games in your brain, so subtly, you don’t even realize what I’m doing to you. It’s an art form I excel at. I understand losers like you so I know how your brain ticks, which makes it easy for me to manipulate you and turn you all into my little puppets.

I’m also a cruel financial dominatrix. Pay me to take your money losers. I only drain pigs who beg for it. It’s more fun when you’re horny and desperate. Oink oink piggy.

You will become addicted to me. You’ll be addicted to my ass and my bratty attitude. I KNOW how to manipulate men like you. It’s what I do and I’m VERY good at it. You’ll see. I’m already planting subliminal seeds.

I also really enjoy sissy humiliation and forced bi. It’s so hot forcing a ’straight’ man to go down on cock. Knowing that you will do anything to please me. Now that will get my attention, seeing a man do whatever it takes to please and amuse me.

Some of my other favorite fetishes are: ass worship, mindfucking, hypnosis, goddess worship, jerk off instructions, small penis humiliation and blackmail.

Come on inside, watch my videos, let the mindfuck begin... JOIN NOW!!!

Macey Jade

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