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Hello slaves. I am a well traveled, experienced and very intelligent domina from the Czech Republic. eI love playing with men, turning them into little faithful puppies. I am very well aware of the power I have over men and love using it! Especially, I love raping their wallets, be prepared for it! One thing is for sure: I am the classiest, sexiest and most beautiful dominant woman you will ever meet. I am the one you were searching for and you want to live for. If you are cheap, don't even dare to contact me, I don't waste time with cheap losers who don't know how to appreciate a princess like me! You are totally submissive little puppet, your purpose of life on this planet is to serve me and make my life as comfortable and luxurious as possible. You have no needs for yourself, your only need is to work hard for ME! My life is all that matters to you, you want to live, sleep and breathe for me. I am your Goddess and your religion. JOIN NOW!!!

Lady Suzanne

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