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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
Hey losers, it’s Kendi Olsen, your favorite Masturbatrix. I not only love making you jerk it for me, I love mocking and humiliating you for how stupid you look when you stroke. It’s so much fun! It’s just about my favorite thing to do. And you idiots eat it up. I make stupid faces and grunting noises and you losers jerk off even faster when see and hear me. It’s pathetic but quite amusing. I mean I get paid to show you fucktards how retarded you look! It’s fucking fantastic!

I also really love teasing old perverts. You know who you are, you’re the guy creeping on girls in the mall that you shouldn’t be. I know you do it. It’s really creepy. And you need a girl like me to call you out on your perversions and make you truly understand what a pervert you really are.

And what do perverts deserve? Nothing. You all should have your cocks locked up. Then you might be able to control yourselves. Chastity can teach you so much if you have the right teacher! Chastity is the proper cure for chronic masturbating perverts.

And if when I do ever let you cum, I want you to know that you will eat all of your orgasms for me. It’s disgusting and degrading and exactly what you deserve. Perverts should ruin their own orgasms and eat up their own messes. Think of it as payment for all of your unwanted perving.

Some of my other favorite fetishes are: forced bi, ass worship, ballbusting, jerk off instructions, masturbation humiliation, and feminization. JOIN NOW!!!

Kendi Olsen

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