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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!

Get on your knees before Me. I am the one and only Princess Kaylynn. I am the definition of perfection, and royalty. I will become the hottest addiction, and sweetest drug you have ever had, and the very center of your pathetic little world. The only thing you will worry about from now on is how to get your quick fix of Me.

I only want a REAL man... One who can please Me with his huge, hard, hot, and throbbing cock. I will never want a pussy little dicked bitch like you. You would never have the honor of even touching me, I'm SO out of your league! What? Did you think a young, intelligent, seductive, & glamorously gorgeous Lady like Me would really pay attention to you without you offering your wallet first? *Giggles*

Humiliation, teasing, manipulation, cuckolding, sissification, control, and blackmail are my favorite ways to toy with little boys like you. Both of us already know I only want your cash! I have a lust for money like no other, and now your money is MINE! Your job is to make sure I have all the cash I need and MORE for my daily shopping sprees, pedicures, spa visits and dates. In return, you might be lucky enough to get my attention, but most of the time I will ignore you for being the dumb ass idiot you really are! Bow down before me and give in to your true desires. Your place is at my feet! GET USED TO IT!

Your only true ecstasy,
Princess Kaylynn

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