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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
It's my fresh young face, bambi brown eyes and beach blonde hair that will draw you in. Later, when you're hopelessly mine, your computer is filled with my clips and you've surrender all of your pride, money and time to me, you'll realize that it was my cold and calculating mind that ensnared you for as long as I see fit. I have no problem ripping your ego to shreds, capitalizing on your weaknesses and putting you firmly in your place. My mind and body are weapons that I use with amazing artistry to scour your soul and burn the blush of shame deep onto your face. I expertly toy with your emotions, play off your fetishes and use your cock as a leash.

I command a slave army and consequently, I don't lift a finger. I live a cushy life in paradise, delegating all bills and tasks to my ever-eager-to-please slaves. You are another tool I will used to enhance my life and I expect high quality. I hold you to a higher standard, as I hold myself to a high standard. My clips are carefully constructed and every element of my hypnosis is designed to lure you in for eternity. Each day you will feel the urge to do more for me, addiction is imminent. You'll start with my clips...

Take your last breath of freedom. JOIN NOW!!!

Goddess Jessica

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