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Hey losers, Iím one hot bitch here to fuck with your minds and your hearts. One thing you will quickly notice is that I truly despise you. Iím disgusted by you perverts and your freaky fetishes. The only reason I do this is because itís such easy money. I mean where else could I tell some loser to his face how much I truly hate him, and have him pay me for it and beg for me to do it again. Youíre all fucked up rejects. Seriously.

One of my favorite things to do is to ignore you losers for money. Itís so degrading. I canít believe thatís really a thing. But when I found out youíd pay me to just fucking ignore you, how could I say no to that. Itís a perfect past time for a cold hearted bitch like me. I want you to suffer. I love to hear you beg for my attention with you wallet in your mouth while I completely fucking ignore you. And you love it too!

Iím also really into having my feet worshiped. I have long legs and perfect, cute little feet that drive you foot freaks wild. I kinda like having my feet licked and itís even better that you pay me to do it and thank me for the opportunity when youíre done.

Iím here to walk all over you fucks without a care in the world of all the carnage to your life I leave behind. Once your broke and destroyed, I want nothing to do with you. And yet, somehow that turns you on. Youíre all so fucked up in the head. So get ready for my truly bitchy attitude, but when youíre as hot as I am, you can do whatever you want and you stupid men keep coming back for more. JOIN NOW!!!

Goddess Adrianna

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