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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
I am the One and only Enchantress Sahrye.

I am a woman of many Talents and Attributes.

I could be The Entitled princess, The Feisty neighbor, The CEO but at the end of it all I truly am A real life Enchantress.

With just a glance you will be enchanted, from my deep mesmerizing eyes full supple lips to my pecan skin and dangerous curves.

Already your mind is clouded with my image.

My soft and silky voice envelopes you as I remind you of your worthlessness, your incompetence.

Your body responds as I humiliate you in ways that you have always fantasized about. From your small penis to premature ejaculation. I blackmail you for your own good. We both know you want to please me in every and any way possible NOT because your told to do so but because every fiber in your being NEEDS to do so.

Your face reddens from embarrassment, you wonder to yourself how could she possibly know how is she capable of touching the depravity that consumes my soul?


I Thrive and relish in the consumption of man.

From the Strong and powerful men who I collect like memorabilia to the weak and losers who sit in front of there screens with their pathetic pricks in hand.

I will drive you mad with sensuality, overloading each and every one of your senses, sending your body into over drive so that the mere thought of me sends you into shock!

I am your disease i am your cure.

You will ache for me in every way, counting the days the hr the mins till you can get your next fix.

I am the Enchantress.

You serve me not because you are forced to, but because once you have experienced me there is no way to proceed with life with out me. JOIN NOW!!!

Enchantress Sahrye

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