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Chastity, Ass Worship and more on!
You already know that I'm supreme, confident, overpowering, addictive, and gorgeous. Just look at my body loser, I am absolutely perfect. Now, it's your turn to give back to me, for all that I give to you, for all that I've done for you. I'm a domme that demands you come bearing gifts, whether it's through entertainment, money, presents, compliments or whatever. Surely, you get the picture.

It's your job to be MY stupid little puppet. Let's see what you can do for Me, huh? I'll pull your strings and it will feel like nothing you've ever experienced.

You will dangle from my skillful fingertips as I play with your heart, your mind and your wallet.

You've found something that you want to give into SO badly, and that privilege is right here in front of you. So just give in to me, loser. Come groveling with your wallet open and maybe I will accept you into my stable of slaves.

Here are some fetishes that I enjoy: Financial Domination, Tease & Denial, Worship (Body, Face, Feet, Ass, etc), Humiliation, Cuckolding, Verbal Abuse JOIN NOW!!!

Later bitch,
Bratty Bunny

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