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Hi, I'm Aria Rae, a hot 19 yo brat, and a full time porn star. I fuck and suck real men for a living so I know what a real man and a real cock look like. You are not real men on this site and I know you all have tiny dicks. I feel bad for you. I worked as a stripper before and pretty much every guy who came in had a tiny dick. I'd give them lap dances and just laugh at these losers when I felt that tiny little boner in their pants. So it was easy for me to transition to humiliating you stupid fucks online, I used to do it every night. Now I know I can get paid for it! I fucking love how useless the guys on this site are. So keep jerking your pathetic little cocks and give in to your addictions. My favorite fetishes are small penis humiliation, spitting on losers, and locking up your little dicks in chastity. JOIN NOW!!!

Aria Rae

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