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Hey guys, it's me Ami. I am the cutest, sweetest brat you will ever meet. I will seduce you with my charm and sweet ways. I don't need to yell or be mean, you will fall under my spell. My voice and face are simply hypnotic. Oh and my body is young, tight and perfect. My ass has already ruined quite a few guys, hehe. I know just how to make it move, back and forth, til you can't think about anything else. I also love blackmailing you losers :). It is so easy to invade your brains and make you beg me for more. You will see, I don't ask for anything, I don't demand... you will simply want to do things for me, it will feel so good, like nothing else you have ever experienced. I have this innate way of finding your weakness in an instant and exploiting you til there's nothing left. I can make your little cock twitch like no one else! Wanna see? JOIN NOW!!!


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