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Im a hot blonde porn star whos recently begun delving into the world of femdom. I love getting fucked on camera. Im so young and hot and get so much attention everywhere I go being a famous porn star. But my friend introduced me to femdom and I love it. I simply love humiliating losers. I mean fucking hot guys on camera is fun, but degrading dorks is even better. I would never fuck any of you, not even for money on a porn shoot. Ewwww youre all so gross. But I will cuckold you and youd be so lucky to cuckolded by a hot, young, blonde porn star like me. In fact, I think youd prefer it to actually fucking me. You know you couldnt please me with that little thing after seeing all the big cocks Ive sucked and fucked. But those cocks belong to real men, not losers like you who would join a site like this.

But I must say I truly enjoy being a brat on this site. I love laughing at you losers while I take your money. And I dont even have to fuck you or even get naked! You pay just to stare, to worship, and to hear my sweet voice degrading you in the worst ways as you jerk your cock endlessly to my perfection.

I was always the popular girl and you were always the loser my friends and I used to laugh at. And that obviously hasnt changed a bit. Youre still that loser and Im still that unattainable girl of your dreams. Know that you will never have me, but, if youre lucky, you might get my attention if your wallet if full enough to meet my expensive tastes. Because the truth is, I make a Lot of money in porn. I dont need your cash. I just like taking it and seeing the look in your eyes as you slowly go broke for me. JOIN NOW!!!

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